Collection: Grand Rapids Airport Shuttle Reservations

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And please read our FAQs here.


Things to Keep in Mind 

1)  Each shuttle reservation is one-way;

2)  Each reservation covers your ENTIRE party. We listened to you! There is, for the time being, no longer shared rides of multiple parties for reservations made after 3/5/2024 on the way TO Grand Rapids Airport.    

In other words, the slot you reserve is a shuttle exclusively for you and/or your party directly to GRR.

3)  Complimentary Refreshments provided.

4)  The driver may contact you to arrange an earlier pick-up (due to weather, logistics, etc).

5)  Please be sure to read the FAQs HERE regarding the Rescheduling & Cancellation policies and general guidelines. 

6)  Tips are not required, but greatly appreciated. 

Enjoy your trip!  ;)