Answers to a Few Common Questions for shuttle service to Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) and beyond. 

Our Mission and our Priorities

Service first, accomplishing safe, timely, and efficient transportation.


Is the fare per person or per party?

The fare is per party for all bookings after 3/5/2024.

On occasion, due to flight delays outside anyone's control, parties will be combined, where applicable, to share a trip back from the GRR Airport.  While this may also occur on the way to GRR Airport, due to weather or other factors, it is rare.

May I reschedule?  How much does rescheduling cost?

Yes, absolutely!  Rescheduling is 100% Free!  You may reschedule, directly, using the link provided at the bottom of your reservation email.

If you run into a problem, contact us via the form in the menu and we will help.

Will you accept reservations on short notice?

Yes, if possible. Contact us with the "other requests" submission.  We answer all correspondence within 24 hours. 

The fee for short notice reservations is highly variable--typically $20-30 more than a standard reservation. 

Will you assist with special events or corporate events?

Yes.  Again, if these require special attention or a divergence in the regular routes, there is an additional fee incurred.  However, if there is a new regular/routine you would like accomplished for your company, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.  

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are frowned upon;  they cost us processing fees and are highly disruptive to setting schedules.  Remember, for the time you had your booking reserved, it prevented someone else from booking that slot.

There is NO FEE for rescheduling.

If you must cancel, you receive a 100% in-house credit to use anytime during the year -- just notify us of the preferred date/time and you'll be issued a discount code for the reservation.

Again, there is NO FEE for rescheduling.  

What if I don't want to use the services I paid for?

You have 3 options: 

1)  In house credit for yourself;

2)  In house credit you can gift to someone else;

3)  A refund minus a $25 fee.

However, there are no refunds available in the following scenarios:

1)  You fail to show-up, or be prepared for departure, at the designated pick-up time/place.

2)  You cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled trip.

Note:  when refunds are issued, they are usually accomplished by check, payable within 30 days of cancellation.  Please be sure to email your mailing address. 

Because you have a van, is my ride shared?

For bookings made after 3/5/24, for trips to the airport, no.   Your direct route to the airport, from your home, is the priority.   Obviously, there are exceptions, due to weather or elements beyond anyone's control (we are at the mercy of the airlines), but in general, your fare covers your exclusive trip.

For trips from Grand Rapids Airport (GRR), some trips may be shared.  This is to accommodate the airlines arriving late and many other factors;  we work hard to monitor incoming flights.  We do not want to leave anyone in a lurch who relies on our service.


Will I be dropped-off at the airport curbside?

Yes!  As close to your airline carrier entry as possible.

Where is the Pick-Up spot at the airport?

In the commercial lane, near the Rideshare Booth.  Airport regulations require us to park/wait in this area when picking up from the airport. 

Is Smoking/Drinking allowed?

Absolutely not.  And pursuant to state law, MCL 257.2139, we have a Zero-Tolerance policy for any use of alcohol, smoking (any substance), vaping, or use of other illicit substances by the driver or any passenger.

What refreshments do you offer?

We always carry bottled water and usually other specialty beverages and treats. Additionally, in the morning, coffee. Afternoon, usually another beverage such as hot chocolate. 

For food, there is typically a WIDE assortment of gourmet healthful snacks, fruit, and desserts that you can either munch on during the ride or take a handful with you.

Are refreshments free? 

Yes! They are complementary. 

Will my pick-up/drop-off time be changed?

Occasionally.  But only in a manner that ensures all passengers arrive on time before their flight, or return home without unnecessary delay.  The driver will notify you as soon as possible of upcoming changes.

Remember: during the checkout process, you explicitly agreed to potential time adjustments.

There are many moving parts affecting logistics; airport shuttling has to adjust to airline flight changes, weather, road conditions, and the delivery of passengers who reside in a variety of places. 

When an aircraft is running early or late, or adjustments need to be made, it isn't a wise use of time or energy to ask "why."  There isn't time. We just adapt and roll with it.  

We go "the extra mile" to provide a comfortable ride with amenities you won't find anywhere else; good attitudes are appreciated. 


What happens if I do not accept a different/earlier departure time?

Our Mission and our Value Statement: Accommodate everyone's schedule with the priority of safe, timely, and efficient transportation.

Accomplishing that Mission requires civility and logistical balance.  When a party behaves as though their schedule is more important than anyone or anything else, it impacts the business profoundly, and, simply put, contradicts the community values we promote. 

Lakeshore Express is affordable, comfortable transportation.  Let's help keep it that way.

Am I expected to tip?

Tips are never required, but greatly appreciated.  They allow us to maintain an exceptional level of service, and feed our families. 

Based on 28 reviews
Great service

Great service. This is the first time I reserved Lakeshore Express. I will be a loyal client going forward.

Great service friendly people

We have used Lakeshore Express several times and it is wonderful! Professional, friendly , just a great service well worth the very reasonable fee.

Wonderful, dependable service!

Im very thankful for this service in Holland! It absolutely makes my trips out of town for Hope College easier and more enjoyable. Rick works hard to track flight times, text me if there are any developments , and makes sure I’m safely transported. Thank you Lakeshore Express!


Rick was very accommodating with a nice clean vehicle and snacks. I would highly recommend this service.

Reliable & Relaxing

Lakeshore Express is my go-to ride service from my home in Park Twp to the Grand Rapids airport and back. They have consistently provided me with a stress free, customer focused experience.

Great Service!

I’m so happy we discovered Lakeshore Express! Now it’s stress-free, convenient, comfortable, and safe getting to and from the Grand Rapids Airport. We highly recommend Rick and his company!

Great service

Rick VK is a very prompt driver with exceptional service to and from the airport. Even when our flight changed last minute, he was able to adjust for the delay. We are sharing this service,with our friends. Thank you Rick!

Awesome Service

We absolutely will continue to use Rick at Lakeshore Express for our airport rides. Rick is friendly and checks on us instead of the other way around. We appreciate his hospitality whether we are going or returning. No more begging relatives to drive us .

Outstanding service

Rick is an outstanding professional who always has your best interests in mind. He is always prompt and is willing to accommodate any last minute changes. He is very personable , courteous and extremely kind. I highly recommend him for any of your travel needs

Business Travel Accomodations

I work for a corporation in the Holland/Zeeland area where Uber and Lyft are not an option. Lakeshore Express has been a huge help with transporting guests and employees coming from out of town. Rick is very prompt and always responds to email and phone requests in a timely manner. My travelers have gone out of their way to let me know their experience with this service was great! Rick always tries to do his best to accommodate last minute requests as well. I'm very glad to have found this service!

Prompt and courteous

Rick provided on time professional service in a clean vehicle and had nice conversations for the 45 min drive back to spring lake from grr. Very pleasant experience. Will certainly use his services again.

Safe travel despite snowy weather!

My last minute request and coordination of shuttle service from GRR to Saugatuck was easy, pick up went smoothly, and despite terrible snow/visibility, I felt safely delivered to my destination in Saugatuck. Rick was friendly but focused on a safe drive. I was impressed and have already made arrangements to use Lakeshore Express for my next round trip airport shuttle.

Smooth sailing from door to door

Landing at an unfamiliar airport with scant public transportation to and from an airport can set the tone for the best made travel plans. Lakeshore Express seamless on time pick up and airport return took the guesswork and travel anxiety. Rick texted and greeted me with prompt pick up and departure service, enhanced with a road trip snack and pleasant orientation to West Michigan. His driving was impeccable, his assist with baggage helpful. Lakeshore deserves five stars as an ambassador enhancing travelers' experience to the beauty, the culture , and the kindness of the people of West Michigan's unique regional tapestry of people and history. Bravo!